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Changing for Success #fitblog #conquerfit #lifestyle

March 19, 2013


Getting started is the hardest part. This applies to everything in life. Homework, work, yard work, getting out of that comfy warm wonderful bed, and most inherently Change!

Whether its changing your eating habits, your exercise habits, your career path, any time that it comes to change it takes the best of you to make it happen and more specifically sustain it. This is true for everybody, sure some people are better at it, but some people are better at everything in life, thats life.

How can you be better at change? Increments.

Increments can take you from a 1 week change artist to a full scale life changer. When I think of changing something about myself the default is to think about all the work it is gonna take to get from start to finish. This is wrong! 

If you approach change in this way, 99% of the time you have failed before you started. Believe it or not we are delicate individuals, we get into patterns, and adopt ways of doing things that become comfortable. Once this happens you dread the thought of how difficult it will be too change.

So how can you get better?

  • A to B to C… Not A to Z: When you approach the first step of a change, focus on going from the first step to the next small step. So if you are deciding to change the way you eat for example; dont go straight to full scale change of your grocery list, this is unrealistic and before the weeks over you will end up throwing out that food and reverting back. Instead eliminate fast food from your diet for a month. This is an increment that is achievable, and more importantly not overwhelming. It will require you to pack lunches for the day, as opposed to packing grease from fast food. Take the end goal, and create small goals that will allow you to progress along a path that will allow to witness the changes as they are happening, and achieve goals throughout rather then failing to achieve the end goal immediately.
  • A single failure doesn’t equal total failure: Perseverance is an important quality for someone seeking change. There is going to be bumps in the road, for everyone. It is not as simple as deciding to do something and being perfect at it, thats not the reality that exists. If it were that easy we would all be rockstars or professional athletes. They key is when you hit the bump in the road you bounce up not down. For instance back to the change in diet example, if you end up eating out with a group of friends for lunch and cannot resist the big greasy burger; the key is to stop there. Lots of people will take the attitude that “well this day is shot now” and then indulge throughout the rest of the day. This is the wrong attitude. Eating the burger (on occasion) is not the end of the world, but thats it for the day. The next meal you eat should be light, healthy, and give your body nutrients it needs. By bouncing back immediately on the next meal, this is the key. It is not an all or nothing situation, it is a process that will have great days and mediocre days. Perseverance and Will power will be needed and are within you, so dont be an all or nothing individual. Be someone that accepts bumps, learns from them, and comes back stronger.
  • Support Network: This is very important. Tackling big changes by yourself is extremely hard. Yes it is true this is a change you are making for yourself. However it is also true that there will be people in your life that want you to succeed in everything you do. They are the people who will be there to hear you vent when frustrated, offer some motivation, or even give you hard truths about getting over yourself and getting back on the horse. Often times the best support is the hardest to hear, and thats a truth. Do not let the fact that something is hard to hear stop you from hearing it and more importantly learning from it. That type of individual is doomed to change because they are not receptive.

These are the 3 key strategies I use to change, and everyday I learn new ways to use them better, become more adaptable, and motivate myself to change because I know that without change there is no forward progress. No matter how big or small the change is.

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